Are You Ready for Norway?

In August, I will start work in Norway for one year. This decision was based on many situations from the past 3 years and the composition of these situations is very interesting. First, it was a dream. Then, a plan. Now? It's a reality and I'm getting ready for one year in Norway.


An accurate definition of my motivation for this decision but my bachelor degree studies have a big impact. My experience with bachelor degree studies can be good content for another blog post but after three years I had a feeling that I need some change. What change? I don't know yet so I decided for a gap year and thanks to Camino I know that I want to more work, explore the world and become more independent next year...

There was also my dream to work in some foreign country. I've visited Silicon Valley 2 years ago and I found thanks to this trip in the USA that getting an internship is an achievable goal and it can be a great opportunity.

I hope I will see the world from another perspective and get some inspiration for my future scope of studies. Last but not least, I hope I will get new experience in software development, English, cooking, and washing...

Search Process

I had 4 requirements at the beginning:

  • Foreign country
  • Positive cash flow
  • Possibility of learning
  • In the case of work... It has to be "meaningful work"

An internship in some software company looked like the best option. However, I was open to all possibilities and a mix of remote work with traveling or some volunteering in social services could be also an interesting option.

I've met many interesting people thanks to the developer community and those people really helped me with a list of companies, organizations or people for contacting. In the beginning, my list contains Google, AIESEC and Starlift. The first application was sent in November 2018. Finally, I got an internship which is provided by AIESEC but I'm going to write a separate blog post about the whole process.

remember very well the day with the last round of interview. The call was set on Friday because I didn't have some important task or project for my studies. I was nervous during each interview. Once the call ends up with a message that I'm a good candidate for that company I was really happy and I like expressing emotions during these moments such us jumps and shouts. Then I went jogging. I like running after some important event in my life. I was thinking about the big move during that run. I even stopped in one place. I decided to share this news with a family chat. However, once I've met my family that day, all the joy was gone. It was necessary to find a way how to explain this news to my family. It was not an easy time but I think it is getting better day by day.

Skill of Big Change

I still don't know how to announce news of that type. I feel almost every time that my friends and people around me see reasons like career or leaving them there alone. There is some truth in it and I'm little scared about contact with my friends and not being helpful to my family but on the other hand, it is only one year and it will be a new experience for me and some new reflection for the future as with Camino.

"This is great!" vs. "You are crazy as our daughter... "

It will be also necessary to keep some interests at home, for example, guitar, GDG or floorball... However, I will be most sorry for important events that I will not be able to be and I should be there, such as weddings and birthdays but I'm also looking forward to seeing a new country, culture, meet new people, etc. Actually, I will visit Czechia minimally for Christmas and maybe entrance examination so it will not be only about calls...

I wonder how this part of my life will develop. If you are interested in my experience from Norway, follow this blog. Definitely, other articles will be added and I will minimally release a few lines about my search for the internship. I also write this blog for a personal retrospective. Also, do not be afraid to write some comment here or under the social media post.

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